Atheism, Science, and morality

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Re: Atheism, Science, and morality

Postby Howdybud » Thu May 29, 2014 9:00 pm

YOU Are claiming "adult" standards???
You're having an extended tantrum!

You are correct about one thing. Unless the standards ARE "adult" we won't interact.

"Fuck you" or "asshat" doesn't qualify.
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Re: Atheism, Science, and morality

Postby EnlightenmentLiberal » Thu May 29, 2014 11:35 pm

You should know the phrase "you get as good as you give".

You have been a dishonest shit from your first post. If you do not want to be called a dishonest shit, then stop being a dishonest shit and answer the questions.

If you think that you deserve "better", or deserve to not be called appropriate labels, like "liar", "asshat", "dishonest", and so on, then maybe you shouldn't act to make those labels be appropriate descriptions. You have been flagrantly dishonest and evasive since your first post. After having had explained you to my position and the general position of rational skeptics, you continued to say that our position was something else, which also makes you a bald-faced liar.

If you think that it's inappropriate to call someone "dirty words" when they're descriptively correct and apt, fuck you. I have better things to do.

Welcome to the real world outside your Christian bubble where we don't have to put up with your dishonest evasive lying bullshit. I put up with it for over 8 pages. No more. Also welcome to the real world where people sometimes use "dirty words".

Answer the questions.
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