The Miracle of Lanciano

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The Miracle of Lanciano

Postby Mythman » Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:28 am

So, I'm sure you ex-Catholics have heard this one: guy, circa 700 CE, witnesses a wafer turn into heart tissue and wine turn into five globs of blood.

A short 870 years later in 1574, the investigation gets underway. Supposedly, the miracle is proven, and it's now recognized by the Catholic church.

Now, the documentation for this, at least on Wikipedia, was sparse, especially concerning the results of the investigation. That aside, it does seem to me that the biggest hole in this story is the, y'know, 800-year gap between the event and the investigation. Seems like long enough for even the dumbest priest to fake something to show people.

I was surprised recently when someone brought this up, and noticed we didn't have an article on it. So, discuss away and we can throw a page together later.
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Postby riverwestein » Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:06 pm

Reminds me a of a shrine in rural Wisconsin that the diocese of green bay has deemed worthy of belief.

Not quite the 800 years you're talking, but this myth stretches back 150 years, and it took them 2 years of hard research to determine that it is, in fact, legitimate.

Better yet, read the transcript of the boy who's leukemia was healed by jesus h christ.
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