Lucifer and Theist Illiteracy

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Lucifer and Theist Illiteracy

Postby tlhedglin » Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:16 pm

I suppose I will have to bring it up, since I see it nowhere on here so far, but the name Lucifer never was Satan's according to their own holy text. If one reads Isaiah chapter 14, they should easily be able to see that it is talking about the fall of the King of Babylon, and the fall of his country and family. Not Satan.

Furthermore, it does NOT appear until the chapter is translate into Latin Vulgate, in around 400AD. It is the name for Venus, or the day-star.

I could have understood how Christianity could believe this when the majority of them were illiterate, but now that it is not the case they should be embarrassed and properly ashamed.
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