Lost & Found: The missing Non-Prophets episodes

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Lost & Found: The missing Non-Prophets episodes

Postby Kebab » Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:30 pm

Some time ago (around the time Non prophets came back from hiatus without Matt) Russell said that he had found backup files he had of the non prophets episodes that aren't on the archive page.

I've searched high and low for the link to these and only recently found Season 1 from 2002 on piratebay and few other torrent sites. As these sites have some illegal content here's a link to the google search instead.
The torrent in question contains at least 50 episodes (in 54 audio files), chatlogs from episodes 9-50, couple of promotional files and theme for star wars imperial march.
The chat logs are recorded from the user non-prophets so I assume this is a chunk of what Russell found from his archives, however the torrent has been uploaded in 2012 so I wonder where it came from.

I'd also want to know if anyone has seen Season 2, 3 or what is missing from season 4. They are not on any of the torrent sites, at least not by the non-prophets name.
I tried asking the non prophets via e-mail if these files exist few years back without getting a reply, I also tried to ask around at freethrought radio if they still have the files for the old episodes without luck.

I'd love to listen through these scratchy recordings as they amuse me. Has anyone come across these?

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