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Girls Atheist Group: NP 8:13

Postby marshbot » Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:43 pm

Hey, so I heard the chatter about this Dark Flow atheist girls club on the last NP and just wanted to put my 2c out there and see what you guys think.

I'm a female atheist who would love to meet more women like me, but I would feel more intimidated going to a group of women who arbitrarily dismiss men than I would going along to the general group -- even if it was uncomfortably male dominated.

Yes, the sexes are different (thank goodness) and it might be intimidating to turn up to a sausage fest atheist group. But for me, the answer is not to say "girls only." I couldn't support or feel comfortable with a group that ignores minds and focuses on genitals in this day & age.

I think Matt nailed it during the NP conversation without realizing it. There are some girls who are more comfortable hanging out with guys and some guys who are more comfortable hanging out with girls. True . . . so where do they fit in when you make certain genitals an entry requirement? Why can't guys who are more comfortable hanging out with women or who admire aspects of female thinking come along too (with or without their girlfriends)?

I guess it's no big deal if you really don't mind that girls like me find the "no men" thing unfortunate and a bit sad for the fem-friendly among my species who happen to have dicks. But wouldn't it be nice to have gatherings that are girl powered/focused/inspired that don't specifically "un-welcome" certain people? You know, celebrate strong women & focus on the stuff we like most, but don't cut out people out. The mind-set is what matters. Why go back to sexual brackets?

Like Matt said "find the niche that's yours." Well, are there many fem-driven groups out there that don't deny people based on their physical make up? I find so many "girl-power" groups are so caught up in their own sex and single minded about it that they put me off. It's a shame (but maybe not surprising) to see it starting within atheism/skeptism too. Can't we be proud, nurturing, mighty AND all-welcoming?

Anyway, don't mean to be critical, it's nice to see more female out-atheists. I just wanted to point out that a few of us girls who are really over the sex-segregation thing, and who will miss those who attend the female-only groups,(which also makes the sausage-fests even more sausagey than before).

What do other girls/guys think?
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Postby Mythman » Fri Aug 14, 2009 10:41 pm

Unless the women's group is scheduling meetings in conflict with general ACA meetings, I don't see a problem...
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Postby marshbot » Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:27 am

Hmm, I just meant the idea in general, not those meetings specifically. I'm not in the US, but I've noticed the same thing happening among interest groups in other countries (and not just within atheism).

Maybe it's just my own circumstances/experience. I've moved city a couple of times in the last few years and have really limited time and resources for socializing with separate groups. All the out-atheists I have ever met are male. Meanwhile, the female in-group thing just seems bizarre to me.

Guess it's just the way it is. It's not a big deal - everyone's brain is different and I think all the male atheists I've met are great. It's just curious to me that girls do that, and I kinda hope I'm not the only female-skeptic who shudders at the thought of sex-specific clubs. Run by girls, yes!! Only girls.. gahhhh.
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Postby TharosTheDragon » Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:23 pm

I too hope to see more female atheists. It's so hard to get an atheist girlfriend.

And I can sympathize with the all-girl thing. I'd feel pretty weird being at an atheist group that was all guys.
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