Non-Prophets show Feb 5 2011 Debate WL Craig?

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Non-Prophets show Feb 5 2011 Debate WL Craig?

Postby dobbie » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:40 am

Debate WL Craig?

[28:45] Russel comments that it’d be tough for him to debate Christian apologist William Lane Craig, because he would require extra time to come up with responses to WL Craig.

William Lane Craig’s debate tactic
I expect others have noticed this particular WL Craig debate “tactic." It is, WL Craig frequently uses non sequitur. One of the ways he does it is to evoke the name of who he feels is a reputable scholar. And says he agrees with that man. After he has done that, he pretty much declares that he has established a fact in accordance with that scholar.

So, eventually you’ll hear WL Craig say something like “I think I have made it clear that ....â€
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