Christian Taqiyya and other Hypocrisy

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Christian Taqiyya and other Hypocrisy

Postby McIago » Sat Jul 21, 2012 1:31 pm

Christians have many criticisms of Islam, some of which may be justified. Others are really hypocritical.

Christians call Muslims unreliable liars because of the doctrine of Taqiyya [lies that protect or promote Muslims and Islam]. Yet "Christians" [particularly fundamentalists and apologists] can be observed to lie frequently in arguments against science, evolution and atheists. These lies have been repeatedly exposed by the Atheist Experience and other sources. They are the stock in trade of many apologists, and have been pointed out on many occasions by Dawkins, Hitchens and Harris, to name but a few famous scientists and intellectuals.

Christians express fear and outrage that Muslims [or Islam] are seeking to impose Islamic Shariah on them against their will. At the same time, hypocritical fundamentalist "Christians" are repeatedly attempting to impose their version of Shariah on everyone in the US, Canada, etc. against the will of people [including many Christians] who disagree with them, against the wishes of the US founding fathers who wrote the Constitution with guarantees of freedom of religion, and against the Constitution itself, because it establishes a secular republic which prohibits them from imposing their religion on the state.

It is perfectly clear to me that liars and hypocrites are not to be trusted.
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