AE # 776 pointing at "me"

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AE # 776 pointing at "me"

Postby ExTech » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:41 am

Just wanted to throw in, for what it's worth, Japanese people point at their noses when referring the "me" of themselves.

Not that the argument is remotely useful, but real cultural differences might be a way to shut it down in the mind of its proponent

BTW, I was greatly impressed by the masterful use of HOLD on that ID caller ... it was clear he wanted to interrupt in order to shoehorn his canned recitals, but Matt was able to cut him off AND let him back on, so no one could say he was unfairly silenced. He was prevented from interrupting.

Not as funny as that guy weeks back who wouldn't shut up through the HOLD, but masterful nonetheless
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