Hello, I'm Petruza, an agnostic

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Hello, I'm Petruza, an agnostic

Postby petruza » Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:41 pm

Hi everyone, I'm Petruza, from Argentina. (male in case you mind)
I've been atheist since I was born, my parents were atheists and never imposed any beliefs on me.
For that, I'm very lucky, so I could choose what to believe and think.

I say I'm agnostic because as I really don't find any need to prove or deny the existence of god as it seems to have no effects on the observable universe.

But labels aside, I think atheists and agnostics are basically the same. I don't think any atheist will devote their life seeking to prove that god doesn't exist, there's simply no point to it, the same as proving that unicorns don't exist.
(although every religion defines a different god, while unicorns are always horses with a horn on the nose. Seems more consistent to me)

I watch the Atheist Experience in google video and really enjoy it. Specially when Matt argues with circular arguement theists :D

See you around!
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