Hello from Sweden.

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Hello from Sweden.

Postby ingsve » Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:16 pm


I thought I'd follow the custom and introduce myself before contributing to this forum. My name is Ingemar and I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I've been an atheist all my life though growing up it was more a state of not caring about religion at all rather than consciously rejecting faith.

I grew up in one of the most christian cities in sweden, Alingsås, but even there I very rarely got confronted by religios faith. And since I've moved from Alingsås to Gothenburg I've seen even less religion in public.

In recent years I've become sort of fascinated by religious faith as a phenomenon. I'm a rational logical guy and that makes it hard for me ro understand how people can come to hte conclusions that religion forces believers to come to.

So, this fascination has brought me to the internet where I found the Atheist Experience and other outlets where religious faith is confronted on regular basis and that has been very helpful in learning more about faith. However I'm still as perplexed as ever about how some people can totally reject logic and go against everything that seems so selfevident.

See you around
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Postby Mythman » Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:46 pm

Welcome to Iron Chariots, then! I'm in sort of the same boat as you, except in the US. And it still strikes me as odd when I pass by a church sign and realize that these people are all around me.
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Postby LoneMateria » Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:49 pm

Hey welcome to the forum. How is the weather in Sweden? I'm glad to see atheists from all over the world reaching out to one and other and I hope this forum site leaves you with food for thought.
"There once was a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled. This time was called the Dark Ages"
~~Richard Lederer
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Postby ingsve » Sat Aug 15, 2009 10:51 pm

It's been raining alot this July but it's been nce and sunny in June and a bit now in August.
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