Procrastination, thy name is Eon...

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Procrastination, thy name is Eon...

Postby Eon » Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:27 am

So after listening to the latest episode of 'The Non Prophets' and writing an enormous email (sorry about that, guys) responding to something that was probably discussed for a couple of minutes at most, I finally decided to stop procrastinating about introducing myself here. It's been about a week or so since Russell (I think) emailed me to let me know I'd been cleared to post here too.

Hello, everybody. My name is Eon. I learnt about this place through 'The Non Prophets', which I started listening to around about last August, I believe, though I may have seen clips of 'The Atheist Experience' on YouTube as early as June. I've found some of the articles here a fascinating read, particularly some of the minute by minute commentaries on Ray Comfort's show.

I'm 23 and I currently live in Nottingham in England. I'm in something of a gap year between undergraduate and postgraduate study. I went to university in Stirling in Scotland, where I studied Film & Media and Philosophy, and I'm hoping to be accepted onto a masters course in Philosophy at the same university to start this September. Once I get back to Scotland, I hope to stay there for a variety of personal reasons.

I've been an atheist more or less all my life, since I only ever accepted Christianity as true in the same sense that I accepted the existence of Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. By about the age of seven or eight, I'd reached the conclusion, entirely through my own personal reasoning, that, in all likeliness, there is no god. I don't consider myself to have ever been religious in any sense, since any belief I may have had evaporated when I started reading science books and actually thinking about it. In fact, I find it rather amusing to recall that my year 3 teacher in primary school was concerned by the amount of non-fiction I was reading; perhaps she recognised the danger of too much reality. For the record, my primary school was a Church of England school. My parents didn't send me there because they were religious (my father is essentially an atheist and my mother is a Christian in name only) but because it was a supposedly a good school at the time.

I've learnt the most about religion and why the arguments for it fail since I was fifteen and started participating on internet forums, religion and politics being two unavoidable topics on most forums (unless there's actually a rule against them). Indeed, I didn't even there was a word for a person who doesn't believe in the gods until I saw it being used on internet forums; so it is trough internet forum debates that I learnt that I am both a liberal and an atheist, among other things.

Other interests I have include drawing and I write a webcomic (a sprite comic though--I'm trying to improve my hand drawing skill before I try to do a hand drawn comic). I have varied tastes in music and I love reading, movies, and videogames. I love fantasy and sci-fi the most.

Anyways, I'm rambling now (or perhaps I've done nothing else). If you want to know more, I'll answer any questions you've got.
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