Having been deemed a low troll probability...

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Having been deemed a low troll probability...

Postby worldslaziestbusker » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:02 am

...I have cut and paste my spiel from the application for access thread.

I am an atheist based in Melbourne. I was alerted to the podcast output of the ACA by a person who compared my ideas and methods of propounding on them to those of the hosts of the AE, as though they expected I would find that a pejorative comparison. Their attempt at a slight has turned into a boon for me, as I enjoy both AE and NP and am learning a lot from them. I will start getting GB* podcasts when I am through with the NP back catalogue, which I am listening to in reverse order with all the attendant chronological dissonance fun that entails.
I look forward to contributing to discussions in the forum and hope some ACA members make it to my home town for the 2012 Global Atheist Convention. I will be travelling in the USA next year and am sorely tempted to add Austin in the proposed intinerary in order to join the conversation at El Aroyo one evening. Every time I hear the meal promoted I find myself railing against geography.

* I listened to Godless Bitches for the first time last night and enjoyed it. The discussion of the various coming out stories were a pretty damning indictment of the social pressures that see a lot of people keep their non-belief in the closet, putting into words exactly what the harm of even low grade religious intolerance is.
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