Howdy Y'all From Germany

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Howdy Y'all From Germany

Postby Gnator » Wed Sep 26, 2012 9:41 am


I'm a displaced Texan living in Germany. I think I'm a nice guy, who really loves delicious food. But now as an expatriate, my comfort in my identity is scrambled!
I'm a former Catholic, and now a closeted Agnostic Atheist. I lived most of my 34 years in Houston, now I live in a town which could be the "Monument for a Brainwashed Society in its Immediate Past." Today though, it is the most beautiful place with a vibrant culture, great and kind people, that hopefully has learned the lessons that the rest of the world could benefit from. But now I really want to make a point, and forgive me if I sound judgemental (certainly not pre-judgemental, this is after a lifetime of mental and emotional abuse).

Many things led me to accept the stance of the Athiest. All of them abuses of trust. The first is the most obvious:
1) The corruption of the institution of the Catholic Church, not only reprehensible and horrific, but revealed to me that divine Justice was an illusion.
2) A lifetime of manipulation of Ideas, of things that contradicted my inherent sense of right and wrong- sexuality as a moral crime? But going to war was honorable?
3) Stretching and exaggeration of divine claims by people, and of course the Bible itself
4) Nastiness of some people of faith- Judgmental and mean, arrogant and self righteous. The worst, though, making excuses for the evil that faith has done.

Nastiness and meanness aren't exclusive to people of faith, as I think my deconversion from Catholicism was slowed from people who, in the past, could not separate my title as Catholic from who I was as a person. Little personal attacks by atheists at work, was awful! I was hated, and harassment from co-workers put me in a really awkward place. I was already falling away from the church and having deep issues and hurts from leaving the positive side; most of the people I love are devout Catholics. Leaving the Catholic Church seems an easy and obvious choice, but emotionally one of the hardest things I've had to do. I took a lot of snide lumps at that workplace, but now since leaving that job I am better off. In this new country i live in, I am totally free! Yeah! Life is good without guilt and manipulation!! I am an Atheist!!!

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