G'day from VIET NAM

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G'day from VIET NAM

Postby mashpotato82 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:46 am

Hey people, just finished watching the latest episode of T.A.E. (#806). I think I have watched every episode, it is so scary how many stupid people are alive in the world. The first caller said science should give people the benefit of the doubt, what the fuck? I felt pretty angry, then the second caller (a Roman Catholic) called the first caller a curry muncher. I'm living in a fucking coo coo clock. What the fuck is wrong with curry? what is wrong with Indians on an individual basis? My best friend is Indian, he is awesome. The first caller said so many stupid things, that using pathetic racism was completely redundant, it's like complaining about the color of a bike that has no wheels. I would choose to be part of any race before being part of a religion.

Hey Matt, my name's Matt too. The Greek version of Matthew means "gift from God", if i'm a gift I hope they kept the receipt. And which Greek god??

I'm like George Carlin, low tolerance for bullshit. I could not do a show like Atheist Experience, I would go bananas. Jeff Dee rocks! haha

Anyway, I'm living in Vietnam, it's awesome. No bible pushers here!

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Re: G'day from VIET NAM

Postby dobbie » Wed Mar 27, 2013 9:03 am

Mashpotato, I'll second everything you said.
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