Origins - Starlight and Time with Dr. Russell Humphreys

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Origins - Starlight and Time with Dr. Russell Humphreys

Postby DjVortex » Fri Mar 16, 2012 7:30 am

Christian pseudoscience makes really good comedy. Try this if you want to laugh:

Disregarding the pseudoscience for a moment, what most amuses me is the attempt at explaining one single thing in terms of physics, while attributing a myriad of other things to miracles. It's like:

"But where did all this water come from?"
"God did it."
"What stops all the water from collapsing into a black hole?"
"God did it."
"Where did all the mass for the stars and planets come from?"
"God did it."
"What caused all this mass to suddenly form stars, galaxies, planets, quasars, black holes, nebulas, supernovas and so on and so forth?"
"God did it."
"What caused this sudden 'stretching' of the universe?"
"God did it."
"What made light from galaxies millions of light years ago reach the Earth in a single day?"
"Yeah, there's a physical explanation for this, based on the Einstein equations..."

What's the point? Does he really think that his theory becomes any more believable if he attempts to explain the last step in the process scientifically, while attributing everything else to just "God did it"?
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