Usual Sam Harris and Islam

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Usual Sam Harris and Islam

Postby EnlightenmentLiberal » Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:17 pm

Every once and a while, I think Sam Harris goes over the top, and every once and a while, Sam Harris makes a rather interesting case for going over the top. Anyone read this and watch the video? ... amophobia2

While watching it, my immediate thought was to counter it by saying most christians placed in the same circumstances would say the same thing, but immediately afterwards I realized no. I don't think most christians would go along that willingly with sex segregation, stoning to death for adultery, etc. In fact, most christians go out of their way with bizarre logical leaps in order to avoid those conclusions (e.g. new covenant, moral law vs cleanlyness law (or whatever), etc.).

It's one of those times that I really do wonder how much worse the average muslim is compared to the average christian. I should look around and see if I can find some reliable studies for asking christians and muslims if they support the death penalty for adultery, broken down by country, etc.
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