Stephen King on Intelligent Design

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Stephen King on Intelligent Design

Postby dobbie » Sat Sep 27, 2014 11:02 pm

news September 25 2014

The famed horror author Stephen King said in a HuffPost Live interview on September 24 that humans being alive, the way nature works and our planet supporting life is too much to think that there was no help from a supreme being.

"The very construction of the world and the fact that we seem to be the only blue-populated planet in the universe — and we've been looking for quite a while now, at least since the late 50s —it makes you have to believe that if we happened by accident, it would make winning the lottery look like flipping a coin," King said. "It's so complex. So I have a tendency to believe in intelligent design."

King doesn't align himself with any organized religion, which he says ultimately leads to someone "putting a gun in your hand" or trying to wrong others of a different religion than your own. But he seems optimistic about the prospect of a creator leading the way through life.

"The other thing is that I think believing in a God, a higher power or some sort of a spiritual force, is enriching to a person's life," King said. "So, while I don't hold any brief for the afterlife one way or another — I'm an agnostic that way — I love the idea that there could be a power greater than myself that's sort of writing the script. I try to live my life by saying that God may be watching out for me, but I still had better only cross when the little man turns white."
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