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Helpful editing information

Postby Sans_Deity » Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:04 am

As we'll be using wikipedia as the "gold standard" for most things, the following editing links may be of use, especially for those unfamiliar with editing a wiki... ... dit_a_page

For those wanting to upload files, please stick to images only (for now). Use the "Upload File" link from the main toolbox and please ensure that your image does not violate copyright. If you have other media to upload, please check with an admin before doing so.

These forums can be used to discuss editing issues, but please feel free to use the "discussion" page associated with each article. It's not as pretty, but it can be far more efficient than going back and forth to the forums.

Lastly --- templates are your friends!

For general information on templates visit: ... _namespace

Note that nearly all of the templates at wikipedia are exclusive to that site, so focus on the section that explains how to create templates - as we'll need to create any templates we wish to use.

As an example, one of the templates created for ironchariots is at: ... omment-box

You can see this template in action by visiting: ... it-Atheism

The full list of ironchariots templates can be found at: ... mespace=10

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