S**t my dad says.

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S**t my dad says.

Postby StirlingAthiest » Mon Apr 30, 2012 1:32 am

So my dad has said some pretty crazy things about religion and athiesm in the past. Recently I remembered a joke that he used to tell regularly to people when I was a child.
In hindsight it is only funny because of how it shows such a wild misunderstanding about the ideas behind athiesm.
So the joke is as follow

"A group of scientists go to God, and say to him 'we are so smart that we don't need you anymore, you can just go away now', so god replies 'are you really that smart? what have you done?'. The scientists bring out examples of what they've done to show god. 'This is a sheep that we cloned, and this is a picture of the first man on the moon', say the scientists. God instantly says 'A clone of a sheep that I originally created, and the moon that I placed there'. So the scientists say 'well we think that we could do any of those things just as well as you could', so God says 'Ok, if you can create a lifeform then I will go, and never return, is that a deal?', The scientists agree, and the chief scientist reaches down and grabs a handful of soil. God then says 'Use your own dirt'."

It really is a weak joke even if you were a creationist, but as a child i found it amusing, obviously not realising that not a single line makes any kind of sense.

It suggests that scientists all believe in god, and perhaps more wierdly, that god replies to them.
Infact I'm not going to go through all of the faults with it, they should all be evident to anyone who reads it.

So has anyone else got any examples of crazy things that relatives or theist's in general have said?
I'm sure I can remember more if I take the time to think of them, that one just stood out as perhaps the most idiotic
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