My arguments for not believing in a specific god.

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My arguments for not believing in a specific god.

Postby Xelnaga » Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:21 am

If one tell me his god is the true and only god cause the bible say so,
Then that mean allah is true and only god cause qu'aran say so!
No no no!.. Then why is Qu'aran not the right book?
Mostly, how do you know wich book is the one.
Cause priest told me, my parent told me. They do what they think is the best and true. But how do they know.. ect.
it bring to the point where the environement influenced one to believe in a specific god.
Exemple, being born in islamic country has a very low chance that someone believe in christianity due to minimum exposition (even no exposition depeding country and religions).
I often use this way of mirioring to other religion to make one notice how easily he dosent believe in their god and scripture. (by not being swarmed by its information and culture)

Another one i like is using Doubt.
One has no doubt about god. having no doubt save him from hell.
But he doubt all other gods! and those doubt save him from hell aswell!
How to know what to doubt?

Looking foward any though about these! :D

If god didnt exist we had to invent it! xD
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