"Atheism is a religion"

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"Atheism is a religion"

Postby ZenMondo » Sun Jul 22, 2007 4:48 am

I think this article could use some cleaning up.

The first thing in the counter-apologetics is the appeal to the authority of dictionary.com Now I know I have seen in the forums dismissing apologists going to the dictionary to define terms.

To quote Matt,
Dictionaries describe usage, they don't dicatate meaning and they aren't exhaustive authorities.

Then there is this line:

To people who think that atheists are all of one mind about the nature of the universe, one word: Raelians.

Now I am a little more than conversant on Realians (one night seeing a reference to the scientologist's "Xenu" which lead to some reading on wikipedia, which lead to the link of UFO cult, which lead to the Raelians and related pages) and the statement makes *some* sense to me, but not very clear, and to someone ignorant of the Raelians and their beliefs, this statement is worse than not being helpful, it introduces confusion.

If I can nominate a page for rewrite, this would be the one.
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