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Every Argument In Wiki Form, as a central thread.

Postby Tatarize » Mon Nov 05, 2007 1:14 am

Oddly enough, there are pretty quick apologetic arguments spanning off some very basic principles. For example given the evidential argument against the existence of God, each premise forms a different set of argument. These would make for threads leading into a good amount of sub-information rather than being as scattershot as the wiki is right now.

There is no evidence for the existence of God.
We should not believe something without evidence.
We should not believe in God.

Response to premise one: There is evidence for God.
Complexity of biological life.
Complexity of the universe.
Efficacy of prayer.
The Bible supports God.
Personal revelations.

Response to premise two: We should believe something without evidence.
The necessity of faith.
We believe other things without evidence. Godel's, Quantum Mechanics.
God wants us to believe without any evidence.

Basically, the good arguments against the existence of God actually form a really good outline of the responses to the arguments. The same holds true for the theodicies of the AfE.

God is all powerful.
God is all knowing.
God is all good.
God would defeat evil.
Evil exists.
God is either not all powerful, all-knowing, or all-good.

Response to premise one: God is not all-powerful.
Free Will limits God's power.
God cannot do evil.
God cannot stop existing.
Plantinga's Free Will Defense this world is as good as it can be.

Response to premise two: God is not all-knowing.
God did not know Satan would rebel.
God doesn't know what people will do before they do it.

Response to premise three: God is not all good.
God created Evil.

Response to subconclusion one: God would defeat evil.
God will defeat evil, just not yet.

Response to premise four: Evil does not exist.
Evil is an illusion.
Evil must exist in order to show how good God is.
Evil will ultimately result in good.
You should see how bad we would be without God.
Evil is the absence of God.

You get the idea. Basically you can generate almost all the arguments for God as apologetics against the arguments against God. A lot of them link together really well with central threads as such. These would make for good starting links from the main page. They lead into cosmological arguments, evolution arguments, free will arguments, etc. It would also have the advantage of getting to the argument made and the really well done responses quite quickly for visitors convenience. Frankly you could pretty well click through every religious argument ever had pretty quickly. And I daresay that's the goal of the wiki.
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