Wiki 'Home' page revamp requests....

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Wiki 'Home' page revamp requests....

Postby Sans_Deity » Mon Feb 05, 2007 4:29 pm


The one repeated bit of feedback I receive is that he wiki isn't easy to navigate for those who don't really have a grasp on how a wiki works.

So, I'd like to rework the main page and any suggestions you have are most welcome.

I'd like to add:
- a "featured article"
- a more obvious link to categories
- additional high-lighted features

I'll probably setup a tempory page where we can do all the work, and then migrate that content to the main page later.

As I haven't done ANY real work on the wiki in quite a while, I can't guarantee that this will be done quickly - but we've got good content here that may be overlooked simply because we're not "newbie"-friendly.

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