Wikireason goes into hibernation

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Wikireason goes into hibernation

Postby dcljr » Sat Mar 24, 2007 8:45 pm

Wikireason (, which was attempting to collect outlines of arguments on various topics, has gone into hibernation (locked so only admins can edit) due to a lack of sufficient community effort. All of the content is still up and can even be downloaded en masse. I figured I'd warn people about this just in case it goes away completely at some point in the future. It has sections on religion, ethics and metaphysics that might be relevant to what we're trying to do here at Iron Chariots (especially, of course, in our Arguments category). People might want to check it out to see if some of their content could be merged into or adapted for use on our pages. (If you do use some of their content it would be a good idea to give credit at least in the edit summary.)

- dcljr
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