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General wiki-wide discussion other than here

Postby dcljr » Thu Apr 26, 2007 12:51 am

Wikipedia has the Village Pump; other Wikimedia sites have similar pages (Babel at Meta, Beer Parlour at Wiktionary, etc. -- warning: some of these pages are very large) where general site-related discussion can take place (i.e., about the wiki, but not tied to any particular page of it). Shouldn't we have something similar? What would it be called? (I would suggest "The First Circle", but maybe we want to stay away from religious allusions....)

I really don't like having to go off-wiki to post about wiki-related matters (see my last few posts in this forum). I think most people familiar with other MediaWiki-based wikis will expect such a place on the wiki itself.

- dcljr
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